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February 02, 2012


tiana H.

I've known Jami for twenty years, not only is she an amazing photographer, she is the most kind hearted person alive. They are such an amazing team. Her photographs are always stunning!

Robert Sullivan

I went to their website at www.kandjphoto.com and I'm left wondering which template at Exposure Manager that they used. I would like to know because my home page at EM is extremely boring and I'd like to use the template that has the alternating slide show on it like they have.

Jami Hofstee

Robert, thanks for visiting our website! We actually built our website separately, it links to the EM when you click on 'prints' at the top of the page. I wanted a website that I could have complete control over designing without losing the great things EM had to offer, this was my solution!

Robert Sullivan

In other words, Exposure Manager doesn't have everything needed to build a website like yours. That is a huge disappointment! I would really rather not have to "piece together" what is supposed to appear to my clients as one contiguous, uniform website.

Dale Barry

Keith & Jami have assisted in web design for my locksmith company and produced a very exciting site. We have enjoyed their company on several occasions for photography sessions as well. Thanks for all your good work and fantastic imagination. EM has done a wonderful job with your excellent photographs.


Yeah I agree with above comment that EM sucks when it comes to pages . I've been with you guys for 5 years and you literally have not changed a bit. There is not even a simple page where one can write a bio!!! If I had to start over I would not have used you. I do have a separate website and the only reason I am still here is because of so much time invested and huge amount of images already uploaded


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