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April 23, 2012


Ron Hawkes

Thanks for the update Kim, we all hope to see it real soon.

David Mesarch

This seems backwards. Why would new customers get to start using it before existing customers? Why not honor your existing clients first?

Also, we are nearing the end of May. When will we get another update on progress?

Spencer Selvidge

I agree with David. I have been waiting a long time for a new interface, functions and look. I have updated everything else (websites, etc) but I have to wait longer than a new user? Great service still, I just feel it's a little odd to do it that way. I have considered other services that look and function better but have stuck it out with exposure manager because I have been treated right.

Keep up the good work either way.... I am looking forward to it eagerly.

WT Bruce

Cant wait I think it will benifit sales alot


I agree that it seems completely backwards that new users get 2.0 first. Lame.


It's probably easier to build into the new format than convert an old one, thus the new user first idea.

Dan Mueller

As always, there are always minor bugs in an update. I'm happy to let others "test" it out before I transfer my old account. I also expect glitches in the transfer. That's just the way life is. I look forward to an upgrade. I believe EM offers one of the best services out there, and they've always been helpful, even when I was the cause of my own problems.


brad camp

Can we beta up with the new site till launch with our second gallery stuff. We have a 5 week window until we get crazy busy again and cannot do a gallery change after august....


:( Wishing it was sooner!

Jim Kosinski

Any new updates as to when 2.0 might happen?


How much longer is the wait, guys...? I am stalling my customers, while they are eating me alive urging for user friendly site... I am growing desperate for a website...

Greg Smith

I echo Joanna's sentiments. What's up with the update? When it was April and coming soon, I was willing to be patient, but I'm getting anxious to upgrade soon.


I've watched the front page of ExposureManager stay current and modern, meanwhile the user interface and workflow features continues to look and feel like they haven't changed since 2004. Come on guys, at least be realistic with us.


any news on this update? I would love to have a nicer user interface and starting to get tired of waiting, I might have to switch...

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